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RetrogeR Dream Furniture

Welcome to our website and thank you for visiting!

Our team creates unique and top quality products, which are fully hand made and created with pride. Our product items are representing an exlusively unique, eye-catching design, imagined by you, designed and produced by us.

Our goal is to satisfy our customers on every possible levels, to provide excellent service, fast communication and make sure they dream come true.

With several years of experience we can promise you: from the moment you contact us until you finally have your product delivered, you will enjoy the whole journey.

Please take your time to explore our current products and don’t hesitate to contact us with your ideas about your dream furniture and we will be more than happy to make it come true!

Meet our team leaders


The Composite master and experienced “CompositMan”. There is no challenge his team would flee away from.


Manager of Graphics, Design, Web and Marketing solutions. He is the main photographer of our team and the creator of innovative ideas.


Leader of the painting and decoration team. He is an expert of the astonishing and eye-catching decor and polishing works.


Our always happy upholsterer and seamstress, who creates the beautiful quiltings and stitchings. We can always ask her team about new design ideas.


Master of Aviator-style furniture, the studs and aluminium technologies. His department creates the amazing aviator furnitures.


Our gold handed upholsterer, his crew is responsible for all the carpeting works and designs. His favorite part of his job, creating our Aviator-style furniture.

Our Skills

You dream it, we build it – dreams can come true!

Our team members are experts in their fields of daily work: each person’s high qualty standards are the guarantee for the success of the whole manufacruting process.

You deliver us your dreams ( or you can ask us about ideas ) about your dream furniture and we deliver the excellent service and premium quality ingredients to make it come true.

In our work, we don’t know the word ‘impossible’.

How much our part is in...

Imagination 70%
Design 75%
Crafting and manufacturing 100%
Packaging and delivery 85%

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